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Daisy Chain Educational Services provide a comprehensive range of services for children and young adults with Autism and related developmental disorders.

Daisy Chain’s team of Consultants, Lead Tutors, Tutors and Teachers can provide a bespoke programme offering high quality 1:1 teaching to meet your specialist educational requirements.

The Daisy Chain team receive regular training to ensure they maintain their extensive knowledge and abilities in VBA teaching techniques.


Daisy Chain provides a wide range of services including the following: -

  1. Bullet    Full time and part time consultancy for home programmes within the UK

  2. Bullet    Help support families and schools in behaviour management strategies

  3. Bullet    Provide Consultancy for Schools

  4. Bullet    Run a number of training courses within the UK for ABA Professionals,

        Parents, Schools and the NHS

  1. Bullet    Provide experienced and highly trained tutors

Daisy Chain’s primary goal is to help each student reach their full potential by addressing their complex educational needs; these may include but are not limited to:

  1. Bullet    Teaching communication skills via Skinnner’s Analysis of Verbal

        Behaviour - both increasing vocals and introducing alternative        

        augmentative systems.

  1. Bullet    Social Skills training both individually and in schools

  2. Bullet    Increase independence by promoting Self Help Skills

  3. Bullet    Increase motivation to learn

  4. Bullet    Teaching abstract skills with autism specific techniques

We do this by using our vast experience of working with children on the Autistic Spectrum and with other related developmental disorders to work closely with parents and other educators.  Training is provided for parents and professionals working closely with the child either at home or in the educational setting.  We offer support in any and all aspects of behaviour, academia, social skills and self help skills.