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VBA Consultancy

Daisy Chain Educational Services are able to offer comprehensive consultancy for VBA programmes in both school and home settings. Programmes can be run on either a full or part time basis. An initial baseline assessment is conducted for all students using a Verbal Behaviour Mapp, from this, an individualised programme is written for the student and targets are selected.   Each target is measurable so that progress can be monitored.  Once the programme has been developed then the team around the child is trained to a high standard on the behavioural techniques required. Monthly observations and meetings are important to ensure the consultant can effectively monitor the student’s progress, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Home Consultancy

Within the home environment we can provide highly individualised intervention for all children and early intervention for those not yet in an educational setting.  These interventions are research based, intensive services that focus on increasing social and communication skills thus enabling children to take better advantage of the social and educational opportunities available in the community so they ultimately require less and less support as they grow older.

School Consultancy

Daisy Chain Educational Services has extensive experience of working in both mainstream and specialist educational settings.  Our consultancy services include training for staff in such settings and setting, monitoring and managing individualised programmes using autism-specific teaching strategies.

Our Consultants will guide you through the process of setting up and running a VBA programme for your child in the following steps:

Step One

Informal, free of charge, telephone conversation about your child and their needs. During this conversation we will be able to begin to determine exactly what you require.

Step Two

Should you wish to continue with services we would then visit you and your child either at home or in school/nursery.  At this time we will begin the baseline assessment.  Following this visit, we will provide a comprehensive written report to summarise our observations and recommendations for moving forward.

Step Three

The tutor search.  We have a number of highly qualified and experienced tutors and lead tutors within Daisy Chain Educational Services that may be able to support you and your child in their VBA programme depending on availability and location.  We can also support you in sourcing and training tutors form elsewhere.

Step Four

Once a team is in place we would arrange a workshop of either one or two days depending on the type of interventions required.  During this workshop we will provide training to tutors and other adults (parents etc.)  Further workshops and any school training will be determined on each individual case.

It is worth noting that most students require support in both settings. 

Funding may be available for some families, we can provide assistance in sourcing funding.

For more detailed information please contact us

Tutor Services

Our team of highly trained Daisy Chain Tutors work with a number of families at any one time and receive ongoing training through regular tutor meetings and tutor team workshops. 

For more information about our tutor’s availability, hourly rates and travel please contact us.

Qualified Teacher for Home Tuition

Daisy Chain Educational Services is also able to offer the services of a fully qualified and experienced teacher.  With experience in reaching children and young people with a wide range of specific learning difficulties as well as those recognised as gifted and/or talented. Home tuition services are available after school and during school holidays depending on tutor availability.

For further information please contact us