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Daisy Chain Educational Services offers a wide range of training and awareness courses to meet the needs of our clients.  We will also work with you to tailor a bespoke course to your needs.  For further information on any of the courses below or to discuss bespoke opportunities please contact us.

Intensive VBA Training course

This is a five-day training course and covers all aspects of VBA.  This is the perfect course for a beginner who would like to know more about VBA, understand the theory and practice the practical side of VBA.  The following areas are covered: -

1.An introduction into VBA – some early research

2.Study the VBA theory

  1. 3.   Practice the practical side of VBA, the discrete trial, chaining and

       prompt procedures.  Learn the importance of reinforcement and how    

       this impacts learning.

4.Behaviour management and how it impacts learning and every day life.

  1. 5.   Learn how to complete a functional assessment and to work on 


6.Learn behaviour management strategies.

  1. 7.   How to teach communication skills using Skinners Analysis of Verbal


  1. 8.  This will be a hands-on training course, with video footage of VBA/VB 

      programmes and talk to some VBA/VB tutors.

About Autism

This course is targeted at teaching professionals working with children.  It teaches staff about autism, how to recognise children who have autism and what to do next.  One in a hundred children are diagnosed with autism and it is highly likely that a professional will work with children with autism during their career. This is an important course as many studies show there is a link between early diagnosis and improved prognosis.


Understanding Problem Behaviour

This course is designed to help parents and professionals understand why behaviours occur.  It will help them to reduce unwanted behaviours and replace them with appropriate behaviours such as an alternative means of communication. This course is suitable for individuals who work with children of all ages and abilities.

Support for Children with Special Needs in the Classroom

This course identifies a variety of strategies for children in the classroom such as tokens, reward charts, schedules and mind maps.  This course will be useful for anyone supporting children with special needs.

TA and Classroom Support

This looks at the techniques used to support children in the classroom including prompting, reinforcement, task analysis, promoting communication and interaction.  It includes a variety of ways in which the national curriculum can be differentiated within schools.

Teaching Communication Skills

This course will be useful for parents, tutors, teachers and carers.  It identifies the importance of communication and outlines different ways in which children communicate.  This course will provide an overview of different communication system’s including how to teach them.